Florida Home Town Democracy

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About Us

Who Are We?

A grass-roots, non-partisan citizens’ initiative organized to put Amendment 4 on the November 2010 ballot. We are Floridians who dearly love our state and know that putting the people back in charge of the places where they live is key to a sustainable future.

Why This Campaign?

Voters deserve a “seat at the table” on growth decisions in their city or county. For issues affecting our homes and our communities, we deserve a vote, its that simple. Hometown Democracy, Amendment 4 will help fix the broken system that is currently in place.

The atmosphere of corruption and distrust in local government can be changed by giving taxpayers to final veto or approval on new projects and changes to existing developments, based on recommendations from the County Commission.

A Leon County study shows that local taxpayers pay up to 40% of the actual cost of servicing new development projects. If those are costs that Floridians are going to be burdened with- then we deserve the right to decide if they are worthwhile and affordable.

Overdevelopment also means higher property taxes in cities and counties across Florida. In these tough economic times, we don’t need that. What we need is to follow the comprehensive master growth plans that were enacted to guide thoughtful development in our communities. If there needs to be a change, then we ought to be able to vote on it.

Development has been too out of control for too long in Florida, and Hometown Democracy Amendment 4 will help fix that. Voters deserve a seat at the table to help determine what kind of development communities need.

Many of us moved to Florida to enjoy the unique quality of life that this beautiful state has to offer. We need to protect that with controlled development and thoughtful planning. Hometown Democracy Amendment 4 gives us that opportunity.

Vote yes on Hometown Democracy, Amendment 4.

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